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The ROTANET eliminates capping and breaks up the soil surface thanks to the small spades that are on the outer edges of the wheels. The spades extract the grass weeds including their adventitious root system without damaging the crop. The soil is aerated and grass weeds are eliminated as they dry out.

The ROTANET is a crust removing machine and weeding tool which works on and between rows of crops such as corn, wheat, barley and beets etc.

With an operating speed of 15 km/h, ROTANET provides a high site rate for crust removing and soil aeration and lifting young weeds



  • The star wheels are mounted alternately in order to limit blocking

  • Choose the amount of pressure on the soil by using   the control

  • Optimal crust breaking as the wheels are at 87 mm spacings.

  • Independent mounting of the wheels makes it possible to avoid blockages and to have a uniform stress on each wheel.

  • There are two types of pressure springs:                        Standard or High for hard soils.

  • Each arm is spring-mounted to absorb any irregularities in the terrain.

  • The 540 mm wheel is made up of 16 scoops, 2 cm wide, making it possible to break up the surface crust and to eject the young weeds.

  • Pressure spring choice of 7 mm or 8mm for the hardest soils.


Completely independent wheels, with their own mountings and their own springs. In the event of a shock, only one shell is disconnected, thus giving equal loading on each wheel.

  • Hydraulic folding to 2.9 m up to 7 m.

  • Main Beam : in square tube 140 x 8 mm for better rigidity

  • Secondary Beam: 120 x 5 mm fixed using a movable bracket

  • Height of Beam: 650 mm

  • Road lighting and markers included. Signally an as option.

  • Pair of depth control wheels, 10 ply tires 550 x 175 mm.

  • Sequential hydraulic folding to 3m for greater ease of transport.

  • Central Frame: 140 x 8 mm

  • Secondary Beam: 120 x 5 mm fixed using a movable bracket

  • Height of Beam: 650 mm

  • Pair of depth control wheels, 10 ply tires 584 x 236 mm.

  • Road lighting and markers included. Signalling as an option.

STANDARD: Twin Beam of 4.5m to 8m.

Its surface action helps the soil to warm up quickly thus

improving plant growth.

REAR FOLDING: GL Beam of 9m to 10m


  • Wheel Cleaner

  • Rear Row Extension Kit

  • Additional Pressure Spring

  • Hectare Counter


  • Hydraulic safety on the cylinder to prevent any risk of the extensions falling

  • Anti-splatter grid to protect the cab from possible projections

  • Pair of stand with automatic locking


  • Requires little power for large working widths.

  • Reduces the need for water by its action, which avoids hydomorphy

  • Contributes to reducing soil erosion by breaking up the surface sealing crust, which encourages water penetration.

  • Preserves the organic composition of the soils by working on the surface at a depth of approximately 2 cm.

If you'd like more information about this product please email us directly.

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