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The ECONET hoeing machine has been shown to be the solution for dealing with adventitious weeds with inter row spacings of more than 20 cm.



There are two essential conditions: that the soil should be dry when hoeing is carried out, and that the days following hoeing should have drying weather conditions in order to prevent the plants recovery. Even if the adventitious plants aren't completely destroyed they should be weakened and therefore their future growth should be limited.

The pass with the hoe can be optimized by combining precision spraying equipment to treat the row or apply liquid or solid fertilizer to it. The quantities of chemicals required are significantly reduced, as are losses due to evaporation and run off.

Apart from eliminating adventitious weeds and reducing the number of weed seeds in the ground, hoeing also reduces the number of pests and reduces the disease risk in the crop.


The various types of elements related to crops to be hoed can be easily transformed and used in various combinations. A wide choice of equipment can be adapted for this.

The various types of beams make it possible to compose many assemblies depending on the seed drill used. A range of equipment such as localized spraying, sowing , fertilization and guidance make it possible to increase the versatility of ECONET. 


Due to it aerating the soil the moisture transfer between the air and the soil is improved thus aiding crop development. Any soil capping is eliminated, therefore reducing run-off and erosion whilst encouraging mineralization due to improved microbial activity. The crop benefits from more nitrogen and water being available. 

Hoeing is not simply a solution of the mechanical weeding. It is a sound agricultural practice that improves the soil surface, water penetration and root development, thanks to soil shattering. It also reduces run-off and erosion.


Nowadays its possible to hoe at a steady speed of around 8 to 10 km/h. It also gives the opportunity to apply spray or place fertilizer precisely to important savings.



Treat the rows in order to eliminate young adventitious weeds without affecting your crops.

NETLINE can work in either a fixed position or a floating position on soft ground and be pivoted to two formats:

360mm (interrow spacing from .45m to 1m) or 240mm (interrow spacing from .3m to .6m) 

NETLINE'S width, height, and ground pressure can be adjusted without using a spanner.

Suitable for all ECONET models on the rear of the hoeing equipment.

PRECICAM guidance system integrated to the frame for a maximum of precision and comfort.


Three possible technologies: camera, sensors, and following a marker line.

ECONET SGI is used for hoeing crops in rows from .45m up to .8m.Its design is particularly suitable for growing beets, sunflower, and corn thanks to a compact frame and transformable and modular element. 

THE CROP FEELERS: For crops that have rigid stems.

  • Work as soon as the crop is tall enough to activate the feelers.

  • On touching the stem, the feelers activate the steering guidance frame.  Just as the camera, the feelers can be mounted on the guidance frame or on the hoe in order to improve precision.

  • A pivoting wheel which is mounted under the PRECICAM follows a line made earlier by the drill mounted scalloped marker discs.

  • The wheel follows the hollow left by the marker disc ensuring accurate guidance.

  • The scalloped marker discs can be mounted to the interrow hoe, if several hoe passes are to be carried out.

  • The seat can be mounted to the hoe in order to control the PRECICAM via an electronic control box.


Front mounted hoeing machine

  • Hoe section specifically designed for front mounted use 

  • Parallelogram mounted

  • Quick and easy adjustment using winder handles

  • Only one locking screw per section allowing row widths to be changed quickly

  • Simple depth control via calibrated screw handles 85 kg. average weight.




Standard Narrow Hoe Section


Narrow Organic Hoe Section


The link arm is fixed if there isn't an option behind the hoe section.

The link arm is adjustable if there is an option behind the hoe section.

If you'd like more information about this product please email us directly.

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