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The camera targets the crops without touching the drill line.

  • A ram moves the hoes linkages guide arm automatically and instantaneously in order to keep it on the row.

  • It is fitted to the guidance frame or as close as possible to the hoe sections in order to increase precision.

  • Once lifted on the headlands the guidance frame automatically sets itself into the central position for the new run.

Hoe up to 15 km/h with a level of precision of 3 cm on either side of the row.

​The interface guidance control panel with a steering ram.

The guidance quality depends on the camera's ability to detect the rows of growing plants. The crop must be distinguishable between the weeds. The amount of soil visible between the rows must be at least 5 to 10 cm. The distance between the plants in the same row must be 30 cm at the most with even crop growth.

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