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XENOS - Cultivator

XENOS is a disc implement which offers you the possibility to cultivate even with an important quantity of residues.

XENOS ensures you a good soil mix and allows fast decomposition of the residues in the soil. It also allows you to have a superficial seedbed, it's intense and very quick, working at 12 to 16 km/h.


Tine Weeder

ECONET SGI - Tine Weeder

ECONET SGI integrates the guidance by camera directly onto the frame. This integration reduces the frame overhang

(530 ml less). Besides the reduction of the weight, moving the camera as closely as possible to the elements, allows a treatment more direct of the information and so, allows to be always closer to the culture. The farmer gets in the cab, a new box which allows him to display, in live, the picture treatment. 

The hoeing element was also redrawn to bring more modularity in the position of the tines. The new system of locking and unlocking of the plant protector allows a 360 mm clearance and was simplified.

Automatic Guidance System


PRECICAM - Automatic Camera Guidance System

PRECICAM is an independent camera guidance system in the form of an interface which is coupled between the tractor and the implement. PRECICAM makes it possible to steer the attachment automatically in relation to the crop rows without any intervention when planting.

PRECICAM provides hoeing accuracy of up to 3 cm on either side of the row and an operating speed of up to 15km/h. The system is easy to couple and uncouple on the hoe, which makes it possible to attach different hoer or implement attachments instantaneously if required.

The camera makes it possible to work on the crop very early, as soon as the plant diameter is a minimum of 3 cm and the green colour is very apparent.

Tine Weeder


SARCLERSE - Tine Weeder

SARCLERSE  is a ride-on 3-point tool used on any crop whether in rows or not.  With an operating system speed capable of reaching 15 km/h, SARCLERSE destroys most weed banks while doing little damage to crops.

The SARCLERSE implement also contributes to soil aeration and removing the crust of surface sealed soil. 

If you'd like more information about these products please email us directly.

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